Friday, July 18, 2008

We have babies! (Baby hawks, that is)

I received an early morning knock on my door yesterday from my neighbor to tell me that baby hawks had been spotted outside of the nest at last! I guess these "babies" would more accurately be called "youngsters" because they are almost as big as their parents now. According to this website these kids would be called "branchers" and are probably about a month old. According to this information, they should hang around the nest for about another month before their parents stop feeding them and they "fly the coop," so to speak.

It was so amazing to see these guys venturing out onto the branches near their nest. We saw one of them (at least we think it was one of the juveniles) take a short flight from one branch to another....just testing out his/her wings.

The pictures are courtesy of my neighbor (thanks Troy!) as Greg is out of town with the camera.