Friday, August 21, 2009

I already love my IPod Touch and I don't even have it yet!

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So I will soon be the proud owner of a 32 GB IPod Touch. In anticipation of its delivery I decided I needed to knit it a home - thus the IPod Touch Cozy. Now doesn't every IPod Touch need a wool nest to keep it safe and sound?

How did I come to get such a prize? I'm glad you asked.

Carrie over at Money Saving Methods introduced me to the wonders of Online Offers. By signing up for offers from various companies, many of them low cost introductory offers for products you might be interested in anyway, and then canceling the ones you don't care to keep after getting credit for them you can get amazing rewards such as gift cards, Visa cards, or even an IPod Touch plus $100 at the ITune Store! Yes, it is legit. But you have to be very organized and willing to spend a little up front for a much greater reward. In the past I've spent $200 for a $750 Visa Gift Card, about the same for a $500 KMart Gift Card, and now about $100 for the 32 GB IPod Touch and the ITunes credit (worth $500).

I encourage you to visit Carrie's site and read through all the wonderful information she provides and try out an offer. If you are careful you can reap some wonderful rewards for just a little bit upfront.

Oh, and the pattern for my knitted and felted IPod Touch Cozy can be found on Ravelry.

I'm stalking my UPS driver for my IPod Touch!

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